Parts of a Jockey Box

A jockey box is a device that is used to cool beverages served on temporary locations. It is made of an insulated container that contains water, ice and a long coil used for hollow tubing. The importance of having water and ice is that it cools the coiled tubing to enable the beverages cold to a temperature just above freezing as it’s served through a tube. The jockey box is mostly used to cool beers and keg. Keeping keg cool is essential because most of people or customers prefer having it cold. The barrel used in a jockey box system should not be stored in direct sunlight. This jockey box enables the beer to be cold making the device performance remain optimum.

Today jockey box kit is most used by youths in setting up house parties or families celebrating with loved ones. The advantage of a jockey box is thatbeer faucet it’s portable were one can carry from one location to another. It’s more reliable when traveling long distances or going out on camp nights. It’s also an affordable device that you only need ice to make your drinks or beverages cold. Easy to maintain where it can provide years of service compared to investing in expensive refrigerated systems. The jockey box is made of the following parts.

Coil System

The coil system fully submerged into the ice water and when the ice melts, it’s rained out, and more ice added. The drain on the more cooling box should be kept closed and only opened when adding more ice or draining out melted ice. The oil cooler is usually stainless steel. The ice water that covers the stainless coil makes it cold making the beer running through it cold. The length of the loop varies depending on the type of model the jockey box is.

Cold Plate System

wood faucetThe cold plate system is an aluminum device were beer flows through it. It’s essential in draining melted ice water pushing the ice down on the lower surface of the plate which occasionally bridge up and later losses contact with the plate. The cold plate system is usually preferred when the internal keg temperature is almost the freezing point.

Outlet Tap

After the beer is cold enough, it’s later served to people through the outlet tap. The tap allows moderating the flow of the beer. One can serve comfortably without spilling it away because it’s easy to open and close.

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